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The Pentagram, also known as 'star mark', 'Seimei's Bellflower Mark', or 'Seimei's Mark' is the crest of Abe no Seimei and the Tsuchimikado Clan. It is a magical pattern representing the five elements of yin and yang, and can manifest in certain spells, like the Anti-Hyakki Yagyou Pentagram.

Uses Edit

  • Hokuto used this while chanting "Ban, Un, Taraku, Kiriku, Aku! By the five elements, destroy the inner wall!" to destroy a Tsuchigumo's leg.
  • Natsume draws a pentagram in blood to mark Harutora as her shikigami, enabling him to use spirit-sight.
  • Natsume used this while chanting "Ban, Un, Taraku, Kiriku, Aku! Connect the five elements, Order!" to create a protective pentagram with five charms.

Gallery Edit

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