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Break a spell is the second ending theme of Tokyo Ravens anime series. The song is performed by Mami Kawada.

Track ListingEdit

Both the tracks are written by Kawada. The first track is composed by Takeshi Ozaki, who also arranged the song along with Tomoyuki Nakazawa. The coupling track is composed and arranged by C.G mix.


  1. "Break a spell"
  2. "remaining snow"
  3. "Break a spell" (instrumental)
  4. "remaining snow" (instrumental)

DVD (Limited Edition)Edit

  • Break a spell PV
  • PV Making
  • TV Spot –in stores now ver.-


Me no mae ha shikisai no palette
Mazari atta omowaku, yoki ga
Fukai hodo ni kuro zundeku
Miagerya shikkoku ni yokaze ga fuki susabu
sneer "Yareru no ka?" to

Zawameku kigi ga kodou mo yurashita
Shijima yo ki wo mite

Kikoerun da
Uneru kumoma kaki wakete ima
Sakebi no kou ga tsuranuku kotoba
―Kimi ha kimi da
to hibiku yoru no kanata de break a spell
Sora ga yake ni mabushii

Ima sara mochi dasaretatte
Fui uchi no jab & straight
Hoshi mawari zujou ni mau
Miagerya shikkoku ni ugomeku dareka no koe
promise "Yarun da yo" to

Mabuta no uragawa ni shimi tsuita
Senretsu no e wo mita

Mamorun da, to
Tonaereba kokū ni sasaru ketsui ga
Hane wo tsuke tobitatta
―kimi ha kimi da yo
Hitosuji no hikari ga break a spell
Konna ni mabushii to ha

Urahara ni moji butsuke tatte
Shinzui no me ha miru

Kanjirun da
Uneru kumoma kakiwakete ima
Sakebi no kou ga tsuranuku kotoba
―Boku ha boku da
to shinji sasete kureta hibi break a spell
Nani ga matte you tomo
break a spell shinjitsu ga...

見上げりゃ 漆黒に夜風が吹きすさぶ
sneer 「やれるのか?」と

静寂よ 輝-ki-を視て

叫びの光(こう)が貫く 言霊(ことば)
と響く夜の彼方で break a spell

星まわり 頭上に舞う
見上げりゃ 漆黒にうごめく誰かの声
promise 「やるんだよ」と


一筋の光が break a spell


叫びの光(こう)が貫く 言霊(ことば)
と信じさせてくれた日々 break a spell
break a spell 真実が...

Before my eyes is the colored palette
It is the same as my mixed up expectation
The deeper, the darker
I have to look up, the night wind blows in jet black
sneer, "Are we going to do it?"

The noisy trees shook the beats
Dear the silence, look at the brightness

I could hear it
The windy rift between clouds is opening now
The light of my scream penetrate, the words
―You are you
echoes faraway in the night, break a spell
The sky is awfully radiant

I am brought out at this late hour
A surprise attack, jump & straight
The star spins, dancing high in the sky
I have to look up, someone's voice wriggle in the jet black
promise "We're going to do it"

You ingrained by the back of my eyelids
I saw the smile of vividness

I'm going to protect you,
if I said it, the decision stick in the emptiness
will grow a wing and fly above
―You are you
The ray of light break a spell
Such a radiance

Despite of bumping to the words
I saw the eyes of essence

I could feel it
The windy rift between clouds is opening now
The light of my scream penetrate, the words
―I am the way I am
I trusted it in these days, break a spell
Something is waiting for me
break a spell, the truth...



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